Air Mattress

Advantages of Using an Inflatable Mattress

With different types of mattresses, it’s hard to figure out which types of mattresses fit a person or a family’s lifestyle. Usually, people choose foam and spring mattresses as these are conventional and widely used. Though not as widely used as ordinary foam and spring mattresses, an inflatable mattress does have its advantages.

Advantages of an Inflatable Mattress

Inflatable mattress, also knows as air mattress or airbed, is usually made up of plastic or rubber and is designed to be inflated with air to take the shape of a bed.

The following are some of the benefits of an air mattress:

  • Durable

The durability of foam or spring mattresses can fade with time. This results to sagging bed or bedbug issues that may cause body pain or skin problems. With inflatable beds, there’s never any need to worry about sagging. Just a little pump of air and the bed comes as firm as new.

  • Easy Assembly

Inflatable beds really need a lot of pump when being assembled, but it is relatively easier than assembling bed frames where reading manuals and building the whole puzzling thing can be time consuming.
A blow up mattress only needs a few minutes of air pumping. A twin air mattress may take at least five minutes. A queen air mattress may take more than that. When it comes to a camping air mattress, which is usually smaller in size, assembly may take less than five minutes.

  • Adjustable Firmness

Some mattresses are just too firm or too soft and it may take a person many uncomfortable nights to adjust to the firmness. With a blow up mattress, the firmness of the bed may be easily adjusted. Whether a firm or plush mattress is preferred, the adjustment can be made with the air pump.

Sometimes, the best air mattress for a person is not usually the best for the other one. When two people sharing the bed have different preferences when it comes to firmness, some inflatable beds also come with separate dividers in the inner chamber. This is usually available for any twin air mattress or any size bigger than that.

Different Styles of Air Mattresses

In choosing ordinary mattresses, the styles and sizes of beds usually do not match each other or the person’s lifestyle. Airbeds come in many styles and sizes for various purposes.

When it comes to travelling, a camping air mattress works best. The sizes of airbeds are usually smaller than ordinary mattresses. The queen air mattress is usually the biggest size of most brands. However, some brands also offer different styles. A Coleman air mattress can come in king sizes.

Some air mattresses can also be customized for specific occasions. There is even a Coleman air mattress especially designed for young kids, which they can enjoy during overnight stays. In the end, the best air mattress cannot be easily determined. It completely depends on who uses it and the kinds of mattress fits the person’s lifestyle.